When the prospect of frustrating or intractable disputes impacts your ability to achieve desired outcomes, you need a trusted neutral to save you time, improve efficiency, and avoid unnecessary costs and administrative fees. Our proven, time-tested, and creative approaches to ADR eliminate waste and help you stay focused on your ultimate goals.

Our Services

Mediation and Arbitration

Drawing from our extensive litigation and ADR experience, we provide disputants with mediation and arbitration services that are proven, private, efficient, cost effective, and results-driven.



Investigation and Risk Management

Your most valuable asset is your goodwill. Don’t jeopardize your organization by failing to conduct a timely, professional, confidential, thorough, objective and complete investigation and risk assessment.


Other ADR Processes

How you strategically manage conflict and resolve disputes with business partners, insurers employees, customers, vendors and other key stakeholders is a proven driver of effective risk management and profitability.