Mediation and Arbitration

We help you manage the cost and uncertainty of litigation and other disputes by providing proven, private, results-driven resolution processes. We’ve incorporated our decades of practical experience in the courtroom and at the negotiating table into an innovative system to help you achieve satisfactory and creative outcomes.

While the civil justice system is supposed to be speedy, just, and cost-effective, that’s not always the case, and “winning” a lawsuit is sometimes no victory at all. 

Knowledgeable and sophisticated disputants will always consider and explore alternatives to traditional litigation. ADR is often faster, more efficient, and more economical, and done well, it allows you to:

Maximize control, self-determination and satisfaction

Maximize predictability and privacy

Maximize options and their finality

Minimize risks and delays

Minimize costs and expenses

Maximize creative, durable results unobtainable through a trial

We leverage our more than 80 years of practical, hands-on experience, subject matter expertise, and process insights to help you resolve a variety of issues:

Personal Injury

Commercial Transactions

Product Liability

Acquisitions & Divestitures


Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Trade Secrets, Proprietary Information and Intellectual Property

Class Actions and Mass Torts

Construction Disputes

Civil Rights

Professional Malpractice