Investigation and Risk Management

You cannot pretend disputes, conflicts of interest, and potential litigation land mines don’t exist within your organization. We can help you to assess and manage these risks, conduct comprehensive and objective investigations, and enhance your awareness.

Perils associated with discrimination claims, whistleblower retaliation actions, violation of confidentiality, and sexual harassment complaints, among many others, present frequent and troublesome issues. Successfully navigating these waters means evaluating the claim, collecting all the relevant facts in the least disruptive manner, ensuring attorney-client privilege protections, and determining the need for outside assistance.

Independent investigations and assessments often provide the impetus for needed change that may not be achieved solely by internal personnel. With our decades of experience, we will counsel you on how to assess and address these issues and related questions, coordinating with your current counsel and advisors throughout the process and outcome, and when needed, provide expert testimony to establish the credibility of the investigation and its findings.

Whether you face an internal risk management dilemma or are trying to avoid one, we can help you chart the proper course. Please contact us to discuss your situation, or refer to the Checklist for Conducting Internal Investigations to see if an independent investigation is in your best interest.